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Why you shouldn’t believe tabloids

The title could actually be changed to ‘how to troll the media/world’ rather than why you shouldn’t believe tabloid articles. You probably have heard of the ‘California shooting’ by now. If you haven’t, a 22 year old guy (Elliot Rodger) branded as the ‘Virgin killer’ stabbed to death his room mates, and then proceeded to go on a crazy gun rampage in California. 

Shooting rampage in Isla Vista, California

Ok, if you haven’t been keeping up with the news lately it has emerged that the Rodger’s was hooked on a deadly body building supplement called ‘Creatine’.  A simple news search yields many results of this outrageous accusation. But, the story gets better.

california killer creatine

As many of you know creatine is one of the least harmful supplements. In fact, its not even classified as a steroid. And, its neutrally found in muscle, red meats and fish. 

creatine harmful


What about the trolling?

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 00.46.39

The above statement was posted on a body building misc forum. Translated: So I’m sitting here masturbating, and I get a message (on Facebook) from a freelance reporter b*tch asking question about Elliot (Rodgers), as I have a few friends who were troll accounts that were pretending to be him. 

Of course it gets better, the troll trolled the ‘freelance’ Mirror reporter pretty hard. See below for the message exchange. 








The story was covered by nearly all tabloids!

The Mirror were the first to post this, probably because the ‘freelance’ journalist sold the story to them. But, they must have caught onto the thread and decided to delete the page. However, getting a Cached version of a page/site these days is pretty easy. Oh, and for you lucky readers I’ve even supplied a link here.

the mirror got trolled

mirror trolled

Then, of course the other tabloids started picking up on the story. Say hey to the Daily Mail. (This deleted page was slightly trickier to find, but a super Cache tool produced the results)

trolling tabloids

The facts:

An elaborate troll story with some pretty outrageous statements fooled a well known tabloid newspaper. The articles managed to survive for about half a day before news of this troll spread. 

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